Your Input Needed on Court Improvements

The Chief Justice recently created the N.C. Commission on the Administration of Law and Justice to examine ways to modernize and improve North Carolina’s court system. The Commission is comprised of 65 members from diverse backgrounds, including the private sector as well as stakeholders within the judicial system. The Commission has been divided into five working subcommittees: Civil Justice, Criminal Investigation and Adjudication, Legal Professionalism, Public Trust and Confidence, and Technology. For more information about the Commission, visit

The Commission is currently in the process of seeking input from across the state as to future needs of the N.C. court system and would like to hear from you and your local bar membership. In order to streamline the communications process, the North Carolina Bar Association has tasked its Administration of Justice (AOJ) Committee to interface with the Commission.

This is a historic opportunity for attorneys to get involved and voice our concerns. All members are strongly encourage to think about these issues and send any and all comments via email to