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Wellness Committee

The wellness committee’s mission is to provide support and leadership that helps legal professionals and organizations thrive and function optimally. The committee provides resources, education, and leadership in areas such as career satisfaction, well-being, addiction, resilience, engagement, and many other quality of life and quality of career issues.
Committee members:

Would you like support in your wellness journey? Teams are forming now within the local Bar! Our recent survey on Wellness confirmed significant interest by local lawyers in joining up for group wellness initiatives.  If you’re interested in joining the following groups, please email the Wellness Committee member listed by the activity:

Yoga — Sonya Rikhye

Meditation — Gill Beck

Weight loss — Angie Dorsey

Hiking/Walking — Annika Brock

Running — Carter Webb

Pilates — Jessica Leaven

Also, if you’re interested in Golf, contact Attorney Roger Smith