LAP and BarCARES provide support to the legal community to assist with a variety of personal, family, and work issues.

BarCARES: Offers lawyers three free confidential counseling sessions annually to assist with a variety of issues, including: stress, personal issues, family issues, work issues, and coaching regarding stress/time management.

LAP: Assists lawyers with a range of issues, including: anxiety; stress, burnout, and work life balance; depression and suicide; anger management; substance abuse; grief and loss. LAP also provides short-term counseling and crisis management, intervention assistance, assessments, referrals to outside resources, long-term aftercare case management and follow up, on-going support, or just a safe space to discuss issues. If you are concerned about the well-being of a colleague, you can also contact LAP to give an anonymous and confidential referral.

Join the YMCA with a Bar Discount

By Heather Boeke | January 23, 2024

Join the YMCA using the Bar’s group discount! Visit one of their five local locations to get started on a new you!

Wellness Matters

By Heather Boeke | February 14, 2022

Reminder from the Wellness Committee to practice excellent self-care during these waning days of winter—work hard, eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise in ways you enjoy, get outdoors, practice any chosen forms of spirituality or religion– and spend time with colleagues, friends and family.  It is a sign of strength to ask for help…

Buncombe County Bar Wellness Day 2022

By Heather Boeke | February 9, 2022

For this year’s Buncombe County Bar Wellness Day on Friday, February 25, we are hosting these free online wellness events: For a great start to your day, join us for a 15-minute meditation with Eddie LeShure of A Mindful Emergence. We’ll start promptly at 8:00 a.m. Click here to pre-register. Also, to help you relax,…

Special YMCA Rates for Members

By Heather Boeke | January 15, 2022

There’s no contract or committment required for Buncombe Bar members to join the YMCA, and while your waistline stays trim, your wallet loses no girth! It’s only $51 a month to gain access to the eight modern YMCA facilities.

A Few Antidotes to Holiday Stress from the Wellness Committee

By Heather Boeke | November 15, 2021

Need inspiration to address your holiday stress? Here are a few tips from the Wellness Committee: 1.  Get outside and walk in our beautiful mountain area.  If possible, walk with a friend or colleague. Especially during the work day, even a ten minute walk outdoors can make a big difference.  If possible, once each hour—…

Your Wellness Matters! Update from Wellness Committee

By Heather Boeke | October 12, 2021

From Gill Beck, Wellness Committee Chair & Bar President-Elect: Research and experience demonstrate that the legal profession’s unique stresses  require that attorneys take affirmative steps to promote their wellness and improved attorney wellness translates directly into enhanced  effectiveness as an attorney and a healthier work-life balance. Buncombe County Bar President Carter Webb and the Bar’s…

Buncombe Bar Featured in NC State Bar Journal

By Heather Boeke | March 3, 2021

The Buncombe County Bar’s Mindfulness Meditation classes were featured in the most recent edition of the North Carolina State Bar Journal. Click here to read the article by Laura Mahr.

See the River, Not the Rocks

By Heather Boeke | November 5, 2020

See the River, Not the Rocks by Robin Castellani

Free Virtual Resilience Coaching through BarCARES

By Heather Boeke | April 13, 2020

As we navigate the many unknowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, we likely need additional tools to help us address the fear that arises, both personally and professionally. Free virtual (by phone or zoom meeting) coaching sessions are currently available through BarCARES with Laura Mahr, Executive Resilience Coach and founder of Conscious Legal Minds LLC. If…

Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine

By Heather Boeke | April 7, 2020

1. Stick to a routine.  Go to sleep and wake up at a reasonable time, write a schedule that is varied and includes time for work as well as self-care. 2. Dress for the social life you want, not the social life you have.  Get showered and dressed in comfortable clothes, wash your face, brush…