Weekly Bar Briefs, 8-2-2016

Dear Bar Members,

This summer, we’re featuring stories from local attorneys about their experiences being admitted to the Bar. Here’s one from John Olesiuk:


I recently was dunned by a law school classmate who called to remind me that I had not yet contributed to the WFU Law Fund this year. The fella commented that the two things he remembered most about me were that I used to bring my baseball cards to torts class (Professor Logan was a b-ball fan), and that during the middle of the bar exam he heard a noise, looked up from his blue book, and saw me doing a bunch of pushups beside my desk. As I recall that unfun two-day experience, there were not any baseball questions on the exam and my head was about to explode. I had to do something to anchor myself. Time constraints prevented me from learning any Buddhist Zen master exercises on the spot, and pushups seemed as good a way as any to get my brain cells working. Prior to that phone call, I had blocked out the bar exam from my memory. The experience was pretty traumatic. But looking back, I am confident that those pushups helped me get through the ordeal.

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