Weekly Bar Briefs, 7-26-2016

Dear Bar Members,

This summer, we’re featuring stories from local attorneys about their experiences being admitted to the Bar. Here’s one from Allan Tarleton at Van Winkle Law Firm:

I got sworn in in 1980 along with Marla Tugwell Adams, Ron The Litigator Moore, Not at the Time Justice Paul Newby, Sara Davis, and from the picture it looks like Stan Clontz and Bill McDowell. There were a few others, too, Ken Davies who ran off to Charlotte, among them.  Actually I think Bob Swain got Ken sworn in earlier so he could cover some court appearance before the command appearance before The Honorable Robert D. Lewis.  Herbert Hyde, who, thank goodness, let me come and work with him out of law school, introduced me and moved for my admission.

The most memorable part of the whole day was shaking the hand of Jim Baley in the Fifth Floor Courtroom.  That’s Jim Baley the Elder; current Jim Baley’s dad and James Baley’s grandfather.  Very distinguished with an FM radio announcer’s baritone voice and one of the smoothest, callous free hands I can remember shaking.  I remember that because Judge Baley, who was at the end of his career, held on to my hand for so long like older men sometimes do.  He held it not too firmly while he turned to Herbert and said, speaking about me, “Herbert, I envy him.”

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