Volunteers Needed for Mock Trial at AC Reynolds

Esteemed Colleagues,
I am currently in my 2nd year of coaching the AC Reynolds Mock Trial and am reaching out for a little bit of help.  My team won the regional competition last weekend in Hendersonville and is advancing to the State-level competition in March with a chance to compete at the National competition on the line.
We competed in three full rounds of competition at the Regional level, where the group acted as prosecutors twice and defense counsel once.  I have notes and grading sheets from the judges and attorneys who acted as jurors, which are going to be a great source of information for making some changes, but some things need polishing in our trial performance that I could use some help with.
I need anything that our group can offer in the way of the following:
  • helping students revise their opening/closing statements,
  • helping students with narrowing down their direct/cross/redirect/cross questions,
  • helping students as witnesses (how to stay in character and be believable/credible by jurors); and
  • the main area that I need help with is making and responding to objections.

I have taught them everything that I know from private practice and from my years of testifying in court as an officer, but if these kids are going to advance past the State level, I know I need some help in coaching. The case is a 1st Degree Murder case (purely fictional) and can be found on the NC Mock Trial Website here at https://ncmocktrial.org/compete/case-materials/.

I am asking you, the members of the Buncombe County Bar, for any time that you can give to meet with students in person or virtually through Zoom.  I would appreciate any time and advice offered. Contact me at jtlambert711@gmail.com. I would also not do my team justice if I didn’t ask for assistance in the way of monetary donations to cover travel expenses to Raleigh.  A GoFundMe account has been set up here and can be found at https://gofund.me/0a7ac8c6.
I think this would be a great opportunity for my kids to hear from practicing attorneys and a good opportunity for our bar members to share their wealth of knowledge with the next generation of attorneys. As my team represents all of Western North Carolina, I would love to go to the State Competition, blow the doors off of the competition, and move on to Nationals.
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read through this!
I appreciate any time, donation, or bit of advice for me that you have to offer!
Jennifer (Jenni) Turner