Veterans Treatment Court Opens

The Superior Court of Buncombe County is pleased to announce the Veterans Treatment Court. The Veterans Treatment Court will be open to non-active duty (post discharged) military service members of all branches of the Armed Forces, including the Reserves and National Guard, who are involved in the criminal justice system. The Veterans Treatment Court focuses on veterans suffering from mental health, traumatic brain injury, and/or substance abuse. With a focus on treatment, rehabilitation, and solutions for military service-related needs.

The Veterans Treatment Court utilizes a non-adversarial approach. Prosecution and Defense counsel promote public safety while protecting the participants’ due process rights. The Veterans Treatment Court closely monitors participants and utilizes an interdisciplinary team to engage the participant in rehabilitative treatment, pursuit of education and/or employment, community service, and reintegration into civilian life.

The Veterans Treatment Court is a recent innovation in the American judicial system that has produced promising results by creating a structured environment similar to when the veteran successfully served America. Veterans Treatment Court provides valuable treatment resources, veteran mentors, assistance in attaining earned veteran’s benefits, as well as many other services. Participants who successfully complete the program may have their case dismissed, consistent with North Carolina law.

The Veterans Treatment Court is a collaborative effort made possible by the diligent efforts of the Buncombe County Superior Court Resident Judges, the Buncombe County Clerk of Court, the Buncombe County District Attorney’s Office, the Buncombe County Public Defender’s Office, the Buncombe County Probation Office, the Veterans Affairs Department, and Buncombe County’s Veterans Service Office.

The Veterans Treatment Court will be heard by the Honorable Marvin P. Pope, Jr., Resident Superior Court Judge, on alternate Fridays at 2:00pm. Judge Pope stated “We are excited to offer a non-adversarial solution to legal issues facing our veterans. Recidivism for veterans who have successfully completed VTC nationwide is less than three percent – a phenomenal rate which shows the dedication of our veterans to be successful productive citizens.”