Using Digital Forensics In Your Practice CLE

Join us at White Labs’ upstairs meeting room for a Friday afternoon deep dive into digital forensics on April 12, 2024. Our presenters will reveal the best digital forensic practices and how attorneys can utilize these practices regardless of case type. Topics will cover the basics of the industry and how digital forensics has evolved over time, and discuss advanced tactics used during investigation. This presentation will help lawyers gain knowledge about data retrieval, different types of data in the cloud, and how to gain consent to access devices. Sign up at this link.

Cassidy Tucker is a digital forensic examiner for Reliance Forensics in Charlotte, North Carolina. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in Criminal Justice, as well as a certificate from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s 24-week Cybersecurity Bootcamp program.  Prior to joining Reliance, she worked as a network operations analyst for a managed service provider, and before that worked as a Deputy Courtroom Clerk for the Mecklenburg County, NC Clerk of Superior Court. Ms. Tucker is licensed by the State of South Carolina as a Private Investigator.

Edgar Fritz is a digital forensic examiner for Reliance Forensics in Charlotte, North Carolina. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Colorado, Denver, in Digital Media Forensics, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Scientific Programming from the University of California, San Diego.   Prior to joining Reliance Forensics, he worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation for 20 years, holding a variety of job roles. Mr. Fritz engages on a wide variety of digital forensic collection and analysis matters, including collection of computers and other physical hard drives, mobile devices, and cloud accounts, as well as complex forensic analysis of digital evidence and systems.