UPDATE–Public Defender Appointment

From Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Alan Thornburg-

Members of the Buncombe County Bar:

I want to comment on the amazing turnout for Monday’s bar meeting to nominate attorneys for consideration as the next chief public defender.  Over 300 attorneys were present and 297 voted.  This is testament to how invested our bar is in the administration of justice in our county.  Thank you.

The citizens of Buncombe County are fortunate to have had two qualified, competent and dedicated attorneys willing to serve as chief public defender.  Each is committed to providing quality legal services to indigent clients at every stage of the criminal process.

In fulfilling the statutory obligation of the senior resident superior court judge pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 7A-498.7, having received the nominations of Kerry Glasoe-Grant and Sam Snead from the district bar, and the nomination of Sam Snead by the Director of the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, I pleased to appoint Sam Snead as the next chief public defender for Defender District 28.  I ask each member of our bar to support the mission of our public defender’s office and bring any thoughts or suggestions regarding its operations to the attention of Mr. Snead.


Alan Z. Thornburg