UPDATE–Probation Calendar Change

From Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Alan Z. Thornburg:

Yesterday afternoon I learned that a probation officer had been tested for the COVID-19 virus, was concerned about possible exposure and was awaiting test results. In response to this information, I asked that today’s probation matters be continued until next Thursday, July 30th. Pursuant to an inquiry by the district attorney’s office, I learned that no in-custody probationers objected to the postponement.

This afternoon, I learned that the officer who was tested was confirmed positive for the virus. Please see attached the statement of Lori Anderson, Judicial District Manager, Department of Community Corrections, regarding this issue.

Even though, pursuant to Department of Community Corrections protocol, I understand some officers who work on the 12th floor of the courthouse could return to courthouse duty July 29th , I have asked that today’s probation calendar be continued once again to Wednesday August 5th unless other scheduling arrangements are made with all participants to a specific case.

Please also find attached the recent virus protocol guidance issued by Judge Hill and I. Of course, the directives of the governor and the chief justice are clear and easily available. A good rule of thumb is to treat everyone with whom you come into contact as if that person has contracted the virus. Trying to make ongoing calculations as to the risk level of each individual is not fruitful or prudent.

Please share this memorandum as you see fit. Thank you for doing your part and for your understanding with those who are attempting to make decisions in the best interest of public safety and the administration of justice.

Alan Z. Thornburg