The Climate and the Land: Clean Energy, Land Protection and Ethics CLE

Join us for a 3-hour virtual CLE on February 10th to learn more about clean energy and land protection. As our region and the world navigate the burdens of the pandemic, most of the focus has appropriately been on health and economic fallout. Despite these challenges, the threat of our warming climate looms in the background. Just as the warning signs were there for decades about the potential of a global pandemic, the warning signs are all around us about what could become a global catastrophe if the effects of climate are not addressed. In this three hour CLE, participants will spend the first hour learning from national and regional experts in state-level carbon sequestration, clean energy planning and policy. The final two hours will focus on local and regional land conservation efforts focused on land trust legal ethics and property law as it pertains to land protection. Click here for more information or to sign up.