Talking With Pre-Law Studies Students

Mars Hill University has launched a new Pre-Law Studies program with a multidisciplinary liberal arts perspective.  The program is different from other local institutions in that it is administered by a member of the North Carolina Bar, Dr. Heather Hawn, and is focused on the first-generation college student who may want to pursue a career in the law but does not know how to get started and needs guidance in choosing their career path.  MHU has a 20% African American and 7% Latino student population, groups that are often underrepresented in the Bar.  The program kicked off with a talk with Ms. Yolanda Fair, Buncombe County Public Defender, who discussed her first-generation experience as a college and law student and her interest in a career of public service. Her experiences and guidance were very well received by students.  If you have an opportunity to help future jurists by offering an internship or allowing for a group to watch a court proceeding or, if you’d like to talk with Pre-Law students about your career path, please contact Dr. Hawn at