Seeking Volunteer Mock Trial Advisor

The Franklin School of Innovation (A charter high school in Buncombe County) has started its first Mock Trial team this year. We are trying to find an attorney who could teach our team the rules of the courtroom. In mock trial, students compete against other schools, and essentially “act out” the side of a defense or prosecution team for their assigned court case. Students take on the role of attorneys, witnesses, and expert witnesses. They also impeach witnesses, perform objections and motions, etc. our next meeting is Monday, Nov. 15, from 12:30 to 12:55. We would be thrilled to find a local attorney who could meet in person or zoom with us and give a brief overview of what these different positions mean in the courtroom. If we could plan one or two zooms a month, where you start to go more in-depth explaining how to be successful in these positions, and watching the students in these roles and critiquing their skills, and their likeliness to win a case, the Franklin School of Innovation would be extremely grateful. The contact at FSI is Lexi Johnson. You can email her at