Seeking Case Manager

Fidelicare, Inc. is looking for a new Case Manager.  Victor Garlock, founding partner of Garlock & McKinney, P.C. is also the owner and founder of Fidelicare, Inc.  Fidelicare provides fiduciary support services to Guardians and Trustees.  Case Managers handle all the daily bookkeeping and management duties associated with the needs of the incompetent adult or trust beneficiary, including the paying of bills, budgeting, reconciling accounts, recording transactions to bookkeeping software, managing property and coordinating the daily financial needs of the incompetent adult or trust beneficiary with personal care givers, family members and guardians of the person.  The ideal candidate will have experience with QuickBooks or other similar financial software and Microsoft Word and Excel.  Preferred candidates will have experience reconciling accounts with statements (balancing checkbooks).

This is initially a part time position (approximately 20-30 hours per week); however, there is potential to expand to a full time.  Compensation is hourly and will be determined by relevant experience.  It is also a primarily work from home position.  A successful candidate will be a “self-starter” capable of working independently with a demonstrable ability to responsibly manage a busy caseload.

For more information or to apply, contact Victor Garlock at (828) 299-8707, extension 101, or at