Seeking Bench-Bar Liaison Committee members

The Buncombe County Bar is seeking volunteers to serve on the Bench-Bar Liaison Committee. Please email the Bar Administrator here to submit your application for consideration by the Bar’s Executive Committee. Please note the following explanation in the Bar’s bylaws:

Bench Bar Liaison Committee

(1)  The Bench-Bar Liaison Committee was created to facilitate and maintain good relations between the Bar and judiciary of the District Bar. The Committee shall endeavor to create an environment of a respectful, but friendly, dialogue and camaraderie between the Bench and the Bar. The Committee will endeavor to facilitate open and frank discussions between Bar representatives and the Bench to further the administration of justice in Buncombe County.

(2)  The Committee shall consist of at least five but not more than nine members of the District Bar.

(3)  Ex Officio members shall include one Superior Court Judge (nominated by the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge), a District Court Judge appointed by the Chief District Court Judge, and the President of the District Bar. The remaining members of the Committee shall be selected by the Executive Committee of the District Bar to staggered two-year terms with at least one member of the District Bar who practices in each of the following areas of law: Criminal; Superior Court Civil; and Family Law.