Rhonda Moorefield Earns Board Certification

pub-image-2010-smIn late November, Asheville-based family law attorney Rhonda Moorefield earned her board certification from the North Carolina Board of Legal Specialization to practice as a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law. She is the only family law attorney in Western North Carolina to have earned her certification in 2013.
The process of receiving board certification is comprehensive and takes years of commitment. Applicants must be licensed and in good standing to practice law, substantially involved in the practice area for a minimum of five years, and must take a certain number of continuing legal education credits in the specialty area during the three years prior to application. A satisfactory showing of qualification in the specialty through peer review must be made and the applicant must achieve a satisfactory score on a written examination in the practice area.

The certification of lawyers as specialists according to objective criteria fulfills the mission of the North Carolina State Bar to protect the public by providing truthful, relevant, and reliable information to consumers of legal services. Certifications help clients identify lawyers who have skill and experience in a specific area of practice.

Rhonda Moorefield is an Asheville attorney and certified mediator. She provides efficient and empathetic services to clients and mediation services to lawyers throughout Western North Carolina. To find out more about Rhonda, visit her website at http://rhondamoorefieldlaw.com.