Reminder – Bar Luncheon Wednesday

Dear Bar Members,

Here’s your reminder to join us this Wednesday for the first Bar Luncheon of the fiscal year. And, big news! The Executive Committee has decided that this year’s luncheons will be free to all members. We’ve reserved 90 lunches, so the first 90 members to join the buffet line at The Venue will receive free lunch. Once those 90 plates are gone, we’ll be out of food. If you arrive too late for lunch, we hope you will stay to hear the program!

We’ll have a sign-in sheet for members at the front door, and we’ll ask that your guests pay $20. We won’t bother with online RSVPs this year. (Those folks who have already paid online will get a refund check!)

We hope this initiative will result in more members attending the monthly lunches, and if we find that we’re consistently running out of food, we’ll increase the number of lunches we order. It’s a great experiment, and if you’re free, please join us this Wednesday. For more information about this month’s program, click here.

Questions? Reply to this email.

All the best,

Lisa-Gaye Hall
Bar Administrator