Register of Deeds Update

From Drew Reisinger, Register of Deeds:

Dear Real Estate Attorneys,

After the CDC’s guidance lifting most mask and social distancing requirements for vaccinated individuals, Buncombe County Government is reviewing all emergency orders to come into compliance. The emergency orders that impacted this office will be repealed on June 1st. In the original emergency order we were able to temporarily halt the requirement that “the Register of Deeds shall accept any deed transferring real property for registration without the Tax Collector certificate that there are no delinquent taxes owed on the subject parcel.” The Commissioners are planning to reinstate this requirement at their June 1st meeting.

While the Register of Deeds office has largely been open to the public for the duration of the pandemic, the rest of the resolution brings the County Commission up to speed with our current practices. Mostly I wanted give you a heads up that when you transfer a property, all deeds will need to either have a stamp from the tax department stating that there are no delinquent taxes due on the parcel and/or contains the following statement: “This Instrument prepared by [insert name of attorney], a licensed North Carolina attorney. Delinquent taxes, if any, to be paid by the closing attorney to the county tax collector upon disbursement of closing proceeds.”

If you have any questions about this change, you are welcome to reach out to me or our Recording Department at any time at 828-250-4302.

Thanks for your understanding,

Drew Reisinger


Register of Deeds

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