Pro Bono Reporting

From Sylvia Novinsky, Director, North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center

Chief Justice Mark Martin shared a letter last week with all North Carolina attorneys announcing North Carolina’s voluntary pro bono reporting effort.

Please read the Chief Justice’s letter and complete the survey at reporting information about your pro bono legal service. Voluntary pro bono reporting creates a public record of the valuable contributions that our profession makes to public life, and helps–as Chief Justice Martin’s letter states–to identify unmet legal needs and trends pertaining to access to justice.

Each attorney who reports at least 50 hours of pro bono legal service will be inducted into the 2016 North Carolina Pro Bono Honor Society and will receive a certificate from the Supreme Court of North Carolina in honor their achievement. The reporting period will close on March 15, 2017. Questions can be directed to Sylvia Novinsky at

In addition to reporting to the state, the Mountain Area Volunteer Lawyers need to collect local pro bono service hours. Please click here for more information.