President’s Message

I am sincerely humbled and appreciate the confidence that my fellow lawyers have shown in raising me to this position of leadership as President of the Buncombe County Bar. This would be too much to imagine for the boy from Marion who dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Like many attorneys, I have learned respect for the practice of law at the feet of giants.  I count each day a privilege to be a member of the finest bar in the State of North Carolina, here in Buncombe County.  It is a jewel of value worth preserving and protecting.

Lawyers face many challenges —assaults to our profession and the rule of law from within and without.  We will meet these challenges because we must.

Lawyers have been a fundamental thread weaving our Republic together from its very first days. This solemn responsibility remains on the shoulders of lawyers to this day.   In these times, it is critical that we as lawyers remain engaged in the Bar, in the community, and in our future.

This year, as President, I will be calling upon all the members of the Bar to join me in this engagement.

We will be redoubling our efforts at:

  • Engagement through attendance at bar events;
  • Engagement through service to the community; and
  • Engagement in education for the future.

Lawyers are the backbone of our democracy and our civil society.  The attorneys of the Buncombe County Bar embrace this obligation.

James W. Kilbourne, Jr.
President, Buncombe County Bar