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One Buncombe Bar

One Buncombe Bar

The One Buncombe Bar Program was created to assist Buncombe County attorneys in need.  Upon submitting your request, your request will be posted to the Buncombe Bar website, with identifying information removed. If a supporting attorney contacts the Bar Administrator and offers support, (i) the Bar Administrator will coordinate with the supporting attorney and the posting attorney to deliver funds/support; or (ii) the Bar Administrator will obtain the posting attorney’s permission to provide his/her contact information to the supporting attorney.  Support may include rent or other bills paid directly to the creditor; advice, guidance or mentorship; office or meeting space; or other assistance to help local attorneys during the coronavirus pandemic.

Current Needs

(Example) : A member needs help paying their $750 office rent in May

(Example) Fulfilled! A member needs help paying their $350 office rent in April


Send a Secure Request for help

Requests are kept confidential.