One Buncombe Bar

One Buncombe Bar

The One Buncombe Bar Program was created to assist Buncombe County attorneys in need.  Upon submitting your request, your request will be posted to the Buncombe Bar website, with identifying information removed. If a supporting attorney contacts the Bar Administrator and offers support, (i) the Bar Administrator will coordinate with the supporting attorney and the posting attorney to deliver funds/support; or (ii) the Bar Administrator will obtain the posting attorney’s permission to provide his/her contact information to the supporting attorney.  Support may include rent or other bills paid directly to the creditor; advice, guidance or mentorship; office or meeting space; or other assistance to help local attorneys during the coronavirus pandemic.

Current Needs


A request for financial assistance has been received from a Bar member:

“I am trying to move temporarily to Indiana because my mother is sick. My son is schizophrenic and it has been very very difficult with him. My diabetes has been out of control and I have been in and out of the hospital. I owe $315 in member dues to the Buncombe County Bar.”

Member dues 2019-2020: $165

Member dues 2020-2021: $150

3/30/2021 – $100 has been pledged by an anonymous donor.


A request for financial assistance has been received from a Bar member: 

Having experienced difficulties with shared housing since the beginning of the pandemic, I am happy to be back in an atmosphere conducive to a home office and need one month’s support.  I was getting minimal unemployment but that stopped last month.  I do not have any new income or cases on the horizon, but I am actively applying for part-time work, as well as seeking out new clients for my small solo practice.   

Rent: $550.00  Satisfied by an anonymous donor

Electric and Water: $80.00 Satisfied by anonymous donor

Home office internet: $54.99 Satisfied by anonymous donor

Member dues for 2019-2020: $165  Satisfied by anonymous donor


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Requests are kept confidential.

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