New Order Issued by Chief Justice Paul Newby

Chief Justice Paul Newby issued an order April 9, 2021 extending emergency directives an additional 30 days in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The dangers posed by COVID-19 remain serious, and Chief Justice Newby’s order encourages local judicial officials to adopt appropriate safety precautions in addition to those mandated by the order. The emergency directives contained in the order are effective April 12, 2021, and expire on May 9, 2021.

The following emergency directives from the January 14, 2021, order remain in effect:

Emergency Directive 2 (Persons likely exposed to COVID-19 should not enter the courthouse)
Emergency Directive 3 (Remote proceedings)
Emergency Directive 5 (Verification of pleadings and other filings)
Emergency Directive 8 (Continued performance of marriage ceremonies)
Emergency Directive 11 (COVID-19 coordinator)
Emergency Directive 12 (COVID-19 prevention measures)
Emergency Directive 14 (Submission of filings to clerk of court)
Emergency Directive 15 (Extension of filing deadlines for mailed filings)
Emergency Directive 21 (Face coverings in court facilities)

Read the full order here: 09 April 2021 7A-39(b)(2) Order Extending Emergency Directives.