NCBA Annual Meeting Restaurant Survey

Are you a lawyer?  Do you eat?  Then, we need your help! The North Carolina Bar Association is hosting its annual Bar Convention in Asheville on June 18-21.  Hundreds of lawyers from across the State are descending on Asheville.  They need your recommendation on the best places to eat in this wonderful town. Is there a restaurant in town with food as rare as a Grant of Discretionary Review?  Do you know a local brew as complex as an oral argument in front of Judge Reidinger?  Is there a little out of the way place that brings you as much joy as an alibi witness?  Is there a food truck worth chasing down the street? You need to let the lawyers know.  Your review can be funny, insightful, or gastronomically precise.  It is up to you.  Lawyer’s reviews will be published and distributed to the attendees. Just fill in the form below and we will publish the surveys here on our site and provide them to the NCBA for their use. [formidable id=24]