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Mentee Application

For example, any specific requests you might like to make regarding the experience of your mentor.


It is not necessary that a mentor practice law in the same area(s) of law as his or her mentee. A mentor is not a tutor. A mentor's focus with his or her mentee should be imparting his or her knowledge and experience about such matters as professionalism, civility, dealings with opposing counsel and judges, dealings with clients and office staff, and balancing professional demands with personal, family, and civic obligations. In responding to a specific legal question from a mentee, a mentor should not be concerned about saying, "I don't know." However, the mentor should discuss how the mentee might find the answer to the question. The mentor should avoid discussions of actual cases or clients and should avoid providing specific substantive legal advice. The mentee agrees and understands that any advice given by a mentor is not intended to be substantive legal advice, and may not construe any such advice as being substantive legal advice. The mentor may be asked questions relating to general substantive legal issues, and in such instances, should attempt to provide the mentee with appropriate resources and should use reasonable judgment in the information provided. Mentors should direct the new lawyer to the North Carolina State Bar for resolution of difficult ethical issues. This program is designed to supplement, not replace, similar programs which may be in place at law firms or sponsored by local or other bar associations. Once the mentor/mentee is established, either party can confidentially opt out of the relationship by contacting the Chair of the Mentor Committee. If desired, every effort will be made to pair the mentor and mentee with a new mentee or mentor. Each mentor and mentee, by applying for this program, acknowledges that they have notified their law office about this relationship. Further, each mentee acknowledges that if employed by a firm that the firm is aware that the mentee will have a mentor who is not in the firm. The mentor/ mentee relationship is by its nature a confidential relationship and shall be treated as such by both mentor and mentee. Both mentor and mentee should be alert for any potential conflict of interest issues relating to any situation or discussion, and should address such issues immediately.