Mediation Center Can Help You Say "Yes" To Clients

The Mediation Center’s slideshow from the November Bar luncheon provides information on no- and low-cost mediation and supervised visitation services available to youth, families, and community members in Buncombe, Henderson, Transylvania and Polk counties. Take a look to find answers to the following questions:

· When your staff “screens out” a potential client because of an inability to pay, or a lack of legal standing, can they be referred to mediation?

· Can the Mediation Center help with domestic violence cases?

· What can be done about barking dog issues?

· What kind of family issues can the Mediation Center accept?

· Does a client have to be referred by the court to use mediation?

· What is safe child exchange?

Click Mediation Center 28th Bar Lunch SlideShow to view the slideshow.