Local Attorney Sheila Lambert Named Person of the Week by WLOS

Local Bar member Sheila Lambert was named “Person of the Week” by WLOS-TV. Click this link to view the video: http://wlos.com/news/person-of-the-week/person-of-the-week-sheila-lambert

When an attorney offers to handle someone’s case pro bono, they are taking the case for no legal fee. The very meaning of pro bono is “for the public good.”

For 23 years, our “Person of the Week” has volunteered her service, pro bono, at Pisgah Legal Services, a non-profit that helps the low income who can’t afford legal representation.

Sheila Lambert says she has volunteered her time and talent because “I mean, you have opportunities that not everyone has, then you share.”

She is one of the 300 attorneys who volunteer their services as described by the director of community engagement, Katie Russell Miller: “With issues like housing problems, preventing homelessness, stopping domestic violence, securing healthcare and food assistance.”

If you were to add up the value of the services Sheila has offered, it would be well over $80,000. Last year alone, the combined free services of all 300 attorneys volunteering is valued at more than $600,000.

Thousands of people have been helped in six counties in western North Carolina by attorneys, like Sheila Lambert, who believe legal expertise is not just meant only for those who can pay for it, but those with a real need who may have nothing to give back.

Visit Pisgah Legal Services’ website for more information about free legal services or how to volunteer.