LIVE CLE at NC State Bar Annual Meeting This Weekend

All members are invited to the NCBA Annual Meeting CLEs in Asheville this weekend! These live CLEs include topics like Brewery Law, Collaborative Law, Child Support and more. There are several unique options on both Friday and Saturday.

Register now at  Check-in times begin 15 minutes before start time.


Insights to a Great Brew: From ABC Regulations to Branding and More – Special Brew Break included!
Friday, June 19 | 2:10-4:45p | Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville | Ballroom B
CLE Credit | 2.0 Hours
ABOUT | North Carolina is home to a booming craft beer industry with more than 120 breweries and brewpubs – the largest number in the American South. In this unique program, we learn the latest and greatest of brewery law, what it means for your practice and practical ways to help clients with licensing, permits and trademarks.

Clarence Darrow: A One Man Play Live at the Federal Courthouse
By David Rintels | Performed by John Robinson
Friday, June 19, 2015 | 2:45-5p | Federal Courthouse, Asheville, NC | Courtroom One, Third Floor
CLE Credit | 2.0 Hours
ABOUT | Set in Asheville’s Federal Courthouse, John Robinson nails Clarence Darrow the lawyer while breathing new passion into Darrow the pioneering advocate for social justice. You’re guaranteed to leave the performance with a new understanding of the frailties of this flawed human being, while still admiring his manifest accomplishments and appreciating his enduring impact on American jurisprudence.

The following programs are at the Omni Grove Park Inn on Saturday, June 20 from 2:10-3:10:

Lawyering Meets Auditing: Ethical, Professional and Practical Considerations in Responding to Clients’ Auditors
ABOUT | This session explores ethical, professional and practical considerations involved in lawyers’ responses to requests for information to be provided to their clients’ auditors.

Collaborative Resolution of Business Disputes: Exploring the Application of Collaborative Law Principles to Business Disputes
ABOUT | Collaborative Law is a way of “Getting to Yes”, which in the right circumstances may be more rewarding for the lawyers, as well as their clients, and is a low cost alternative for small businesses. Learn the strategies to be successful.

Momma Loved Me Better: Managing Complex Fiduciary Issues and Difficult Personalities in the Afterlife

ABOUT | Get caught up on the most recent legislation and case law and learn about various types of fiduciary litigation claims

Bankruptcy Lawyers are from Mars, Family Lawyers are from Venus: What Happens a Client’s Spouse Files Bankruptcy
ABOUT | Understand more about domestic debts, property settlements, and Chapter 7 and 13 as they relate to both Family and Bankruptcy Law

The following programs are at the Omni Grove Park Inn on Saturday, June 20 from 3:30-4:30:

How an Attempted Murder Case Became a Classic Negotiation
ABOUT | Both experienced and new lawyers benefit from this unique program that discusses negotiation techniques for criminal lawyers, a topic not commonly covered.

Calculating Child Support Income for the Self-Employed
ABOUT | Learn considerations of NC Child Support Guidelines differentiation of income for child support determination other than for tax purposes.

Legal Ethics in the Internet Age: Navigating Online Reviews, Twitter, Facebook, Avvo, and More
ABOUT | Learn the ethical rules that relate to the use and non-use of the internet.

Juiced Up: POM Wonderful and the Future of False Advertising and Unfair Competition Claims in Regulated Industries
ABOUT | Learn the history behind the POM Wonderful LLC v. Coca Cola Co. case and gain insight into the impact of this case on consumer class-action litigation and state law claims. Finally, hear the best practices for advising clients in the regulated industries.