Katherine Langley Appointed to North Carolina Bar Grievance Committee

klangley-pub-smKatherine was recently named to serve as an Advisory Member on the North Carolina State Bar’s Grievance Committee. The Grievance Committee is composed of lawyer-volunteers from across North Carolina and also includes some non-lawyer members. Members of the committee are charged with reviewing complaints made to the Bar, the response from the lawyer referred to in the complaint, and the results of the investigation.

Members must then decide if the provided evidence from the complaint and investigation are enough to prove that the lawyer engaged in behavior warranting disciplinary action. The Grievance committee can take action ranging from dismissal of the complaint to censure or admonition of the lawyer in question.

The North Carolina State Bar’s Grievance Committee comprises three panels, totaling 75 members. Each panel includes one public member, a group of advisory members, and staff liaison. Margarent M. Hunt chairs the entire committee and each panel has a vice-chair.