Election Debate on April 11

Candidates for District Court Judge, District Attorney, and Clerk of Superior Court in the upcoming May primary will debate at the Buncombe County Judicial Complex on Friday, April 11 at 4 pm. There will be three separate debates, featuring candidates for District Court Judge, District Attorney, and Superior Court Clerk. Retired Judge Gary Cash will be the moderator, and the event will be open to the public. The debate is sponsored by the Buncombe County Bar, with the assistance of the Criminal Defense Bar.

Questions may be submitted by members of the Bar to the Bar Administrator, by email at admin@28thJDB.com, or by using the form below. Please note if your question is for the District Attorney’s race, the District Court Judge race, or the Superior Court Clerk’s race. The Bar Administrator will collect the questions, removing only the sender’s name, and send them on to Judge Cash.

At the debate, candidates will be introduced by name only. Questions will be asked by the moderator, and responses limited to two minutes. A rebuttal to the original question may be offered by the opposing candidate, but this will be limited to one minute. The moderator may ask follow-up questions, and the audience may submit written follow-up questions to the moderator.