Increased Security To Enter Courthouse

Dear Bar Members,

Beginning Monday, November 4, all persons and packages entering the Buncombe County Courthouse will be searched for weapons, including attorneys. Please allow extra time to enter the building.

An Administrative Order was filed on October 29, 2019:

To preserve order, the fair administration of justice and insure the safety of all persons having business in the Buncombe County Courthouse, it is hereby ordered and decreed that no weapon, explosive, or other object deemed to be dangerous be permitted in the building. It is further ordered that all persons or packages entering the building shall be subject to a limited administrative search for weapons and explosives. It is finally ordered that the Buncombe County Sheriff implement policies and procedures to effectively carry out this order forthwith.


Honorable Alan Z. Thornburg, Senior Resident Superior Court Judge

Honorable J. Calvin Hill, Chief District Court Judge