From J. Calvin Hill, Chief District Court Judge

Bar Members:

Please help me thank some of our own members for their participation in a committee formed by Steve Aceto at my request. Anticipating a substantial increase in our District Court civil filings as a result of the increased jurisdictional limits, I approached Steve about chairing the committee. He graciously and without hesitation agreed to do it. Steve formed the remainder of the committee by selecting five additional members of our bar. Special Superior Court Judge, Sharon Barrett, Steven Cash – Roberts & Stevens, Robin Merrell – Pisgah Legal, Patricia Harvey and Doug Tate – McGuire, Wood & Bissette, PA.

The committee gathered information, researched and spoke to people in our court system as well as staff and officials in other court systems about arbitration programs.

After several months of work they met with me and the other District Court Judges to discuss their findings. In short, it appears that any type of mandatory arbitration would not substantially help our court system in Buncombe County.

The group suggested some slight modifications to our current mediation practices that might better serve us. We will begin to explore these recommendations to see if they can be implemented.

Again, thanks to this committee for your service to our Bar.

J. Calvin Hill
Chief District Court Judge