From Chief District Court Judge Calvin Hill – eCourts


TO: Buncombe County Bar
FROM: Chief District Court Judge Hill
DATE: April 29, 2024
RD: eCourts Information


In preparation for eCourts, please ensure complete contact information, including email address, is updated through the North Carolina State Bar This is essential as the contact information you provide the State Bar located on will be uploaded and used by eCourts.

Once eCourts is live, eFiling will be required for attorneys for any filings (including subsequent filings in open cases). Attorneys and individuals must register for an account to access File & Serve.

eFiling, also known as File & Serve, enables you to file documents electronically through a single, secure, centralized online location. It also allows you to:
Submit court documents online to the clerk’s office in eCourts counties.
• Pay filing fees that are automatically calculated for you when you submit filings. Get a file-stamped electronic copy upon the clerk’s acceptance.
• Receive filing status updates via email.

Portal allows you to access court information online in eCourt counties, including:
• Search case information by name, attorney, citation, and more
• Search for court dates and hearings by name, attorney, case number, and more
• View case information, records, and documents
• Make instant online credit card transactions to pay fines and fees

Guide & File is a free online service to help users prepare court documents to file for certain case types. More information on eCourts, as well as available attorney trainings, may be found at the following link:
eCourts I North Carolina Judicial Branch (
File & Serve (eFiling) and Portal Training Available for Attorneys and Judicial Partners Now Through August 2024 I North Carolina Judicial Branch (


Attorneys can find more information on the Buncombe County Bar website. Per our Clerk of Court’s latest weekly eCourts update, Clerk Christy indicates:
If you have questions, concerns, issues to discuss, please bring those to the attention of the liaison from your practice area. I will be having regular meetings with the liaisons to discuss your questions and pass along what information I know to this point. The attorney liaisons are Steve Allinger (child support), Suzanne Avert (DSS), Andy Banzhoff (criminal defense), James Ellis (estates), Jason Gast (parent representation and SP GAL), James Kilbourne (civil), Jackson Pitts (GAL), and Madison Root (family).
Due to the number of meetings required for eCourts transitions, I am unable to continue my consistent drop­ in hours. However, I will always remain available to the bar and the public. If you would like to set up a time to meet, please email me at or call/text me at 828-575-7622 .


J. Calvin Hill
Chief District Court Judge 40th Judicial District