From Chief District Court Judge Calvin Hill

From Chief District Court Judge Calvin Hill:


January 17, 2017

I am asking the Bar to join me in thanking the Buncombe County Commissioners and County Manager, Wanda Greene, for their generous gift to the District Courts.  We are in receipt of Official State of NC Seals for each of our courts in both the new Judicial Complex and the Historic building which also continues to operate District Courts.  These Seals came at some expense, but the intangibles they bring to our courtrooms are invaluable.  The State Seals in our courts are a constant reminder that we work for the people of Buncombe County and draw authority from the State of North Carolina, which entails a certain obligation to treat all litigants with the same basic level of respect.  It also should be a reminder to litigants and others who use our courts that this respect works both ways and that decisions of the Courts have authority.

I want to mention past Chairman Gantt, specifically, and ask that you reach out to him in thanks.  Chairman Gantt made a determined effort to make these Seals a parting gift to our courts before his retirement as chair of the Commission, and true to his commitment to the Courts over his many years as commissioner, he delivered.

Finally, I want to thank our Clerk of Court, Steve Cogburn, for the role he played in helping to bring this about.  Our Bar owes him our gratitude and thanks.


Calvin Hill
Chief District Court Judge
Buncombe County