Free Mindfulness-based Coaching for Attorneys and Judges

Lawyers and judges in the 28th Judicial District may now request 3 cost-free executive coaching sessions with Laura Mahr, Esq. of Conscious Legal Minds through BarCARES to work on building resilience to stress, bringing mindfulness to the practice of law, career transitions, and related topics. In order to set up your first session with Laura through BarCARES, call 800-640-0735 during business hours. The program coordinator, Paige Barnett, will take your confidential call. You can specifically request 3 sessions with Laura for the 2018 calendar year. Once Paige confirms that you are a member of the 28th Judicial District and have not yet used your 3 free sessions for the year, you are good to go! Laura will then contact you to schedule your sessions over the phone, virtually, or in person at her E. Chestnut Street office in Asheville. To find out more about Laura’s mindfulness and neuroscience-based coaching and consulting practice