Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP, Announces 8th Annual Excellence in Work-Life Balance Award

Work-Life Balance Programs Benefit Employers and Employees

Study says work-life balance is more important than compensation for more than half of employees surveyed
Work-life balance programs can reduce turnover and improve recruitment, increasing productivity and worker engagement

Entries due August 1, 2013

ATLANTA – Despite being heavily discussed for many years, work-life balance remains a hot topic in U.S. culture. A recent study by consulting firm Accenture showed that, more so than compensation or recognition, work-life balance is the key determiner for more than half of men and women on whether or not they believe they have a successful career. Work-life balance is so important to workers that more than half of those surveyed for the study have turned down a job offer because of the potential impact on it.

But not just employees benefit from workplaces with favorable work-life balance; companies often experience positive gains as well. Work-life balance programs, through applications such as flexible work arrangements, employee wellness programs, telecommuting and job-sharing, can help employees feel truly connected to their companies, fostering loyalty, mutual respect and a positive work environment.

According to recent research from management consulting firm Hay Group, a company’s perceived support for work-life balance led to a greater confidence in the ability to recruit top employees, and to employees having higher satisfaction with compensation: companies with favorable work-life balance companies had 58% of employees believing they were paid fairly, compared to 36% of employees in companies ranked in the bottom quarter in terms of work-life balance.

So that we may recognize companies that create and promote work environments conducive to work-life balance, Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP established a national award program in 2006 honoring outstanding work-life balance initiatives or programs either company-wide or inside corporate legal departments. Constangy’s Excellence in Work-Life Balance Award is designed to honor the efforts of a company to achieve work-life balance through development and implementation of policies and programs. No matter how large or small the initiative or program—or the size of the employer—the award recognizes excellence in work-life balance in either overall efforts or in the application of one particular program, with an emphasis on measurable results.

Nominations may be made by human resources departments—of companies in an industry—on behalf of entire companies for company-wide work-life balance efforts, or by in-house counsel on behalf of in-house legal departments’ work-life balance efforts. Nominations may be made for comprehensive programs that cover several work-life balance efforts, or for one initiative in particular that has had a substantial positive effect on the company and its employees.

The winner will receive a crystal trophy and a $1,000 donation in the company’s name to the charity of its choice. Applications are due August 1, 2013.

To nominate your work-life balance initiative or program, please visit For more information, contact Wendy Angel at or at 404-230-6724.

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