Confidential Help for Lawyers

Chemical dependency is a leading health problem and cause of death in this country. Within the legal profession, chemical dependence may be as high as 20% of the population. Don’t let yourself or someone you know fall into these statistics without the chance for assistance. Confidential help is available through the North Carolina State Bar Lawyer Assistance Program.

Chemical dependency is not the result of a moral defect or deficiency of character, but is a chronic, progressive and irreversible disease. If excessive drinking or drug use continues, it is fatal. Fortunately, chemical dependencies are treatable. If someone you know has a substance addiction, the North Carolina State Bar Lawyer Assistance Program can help. If you call to seek help for yourself, your inquiry is confidential. If you call as the spouse, child or friend of a lawyer whom you suspect may have an alcohol or drug problem, your communication is also treated confidentially and never related to the lawyer for whom you are seeking help without your permission. Also, LAP is entirely separate from any ethics and disciplinary committee of the State Bar.

To find out more, visit or call 704-910-2310.