Caitlyn’s Courage Program

The program formerly known as Caitlyn’s Courage is now a permanent program in Buncombe County.  The program was started as a pilot and is now funded on a “recurring basis” in the state budget.  This is significant because it means funding should be a non-issue going forward.  I believe this program will provide another layer of protection for domestic violence survivors and has proven to be a useful tool.

Because Buncombe County was one of the earliest Counties to enroll, our place in the program is confirmed and we will be able to get monitors as needed.

I have included some of the correspondence around this issue for your review.


J. Calvin Hill, Chief District Court Judge
28th Judicial District

MOU Addendum February 2022

Buncombe County Bar Wellness Day 2022

For this year’s Buncombe County Bar Wellness Day on Friday, February 25, we are hosting these free online wellness events:

For a great start to your day, join us for a 15-minute meditation with Eddie LeShure of A Mindful Emergence. We’ll start promptly at 8:00 a.m. Click here to pre-register.

Also, to help you relax, we’ll have a free 30 minute yoga class beginning at 4:30 p.m. online with Margaret Kirshner of A Mindful Emergence. Click here to pre-register.

For additional wellness resources and information, please visit the wellness resources webpage offered by our Wellness Committee.

Pro Bono Reporting

From Sylvia Novinsky, Director, NC Pro Bono Resource Center

Our Supreme Court notes “Equal Justice Under Law” on its building. Yet, access to this justice only truly exists when it is available to all members of our state, regardless of ability to pay. A failure to provide adequate legal services to those of modest means affects both the economic and social fabric of our society, and does not adequately represent the principles of the profession to which we have been called.

Pro bono is one way for attorneys to help narrow the access to justice gap.  We would like to capture your service and celebrate your pro bono work!

The NC Pro Bono Resource Center is currently accepting information about the types of activities encouraged by North Carolina Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1: pro bono legal service; legal service at a substantially reduced fee; activity that improves the law, the legal system, or the legal profession; non-legal community service; and financial support of legal service providers.

To report, you will need to share the total number of pro bono legal service hours you provided in 2021 — this is the only activity from Rule 6.1 that leads to recognition through the North Carolina Pro Bono Honor Society. Questions about other activities from Rule 6.1 only require general information about participation. You will also need your North Carolina State Bar ID Number to submit their entry. You can report your hours at The deadline to report is March 31, 2022.

North Carolina licensed attorneys (or attorneys who provide services under North Carolina Pro Bono Practice Status) who report at least 50 hours of pro bono legal service in a year will be inducted into that year’s cohort of the North Carolina Pro Bono Honor Society and receive a certificate from the Supreme Court of North Carolina recognizing their achievement. You may elect to opt out of recognition if preferred.

Additionally, for the first time, North Carolina paralegals may also report their pro bono information to the Pro Bono Resource Center – those who report providing at least 50 hours of pro bono legal services in 2021 will be recognized through the North Carolina Paralegal Pro Bono Honor Society. Paralegals interested in sharing their information can learn more and submit their information at

For more information about the Pro Bono Resource Center and voluntary pro bono reporting, please visit