Catch Up with the Clerk April 23, 2024

Hello Buncombe Bar! Welcome to your weekly eCourts update!

Attorney info for eCourts and the Portal will be drawn from your information with the State Bar. Please ensure that your contact info, especially your email address, is up-to-date and correct!

If you would like to go ahead and register you can do so here: eCourts Training Registration and Resources | North Carolina Judicial Branch ( While it says Track 4, any attorney can register for the trainings. All attorneys will need to do the file and serve AND poral trainings. They are separate trainings that will be vital to your success in eCourts. This will allow you to register as a firm or individual. You can also create a personal account unconnected to your practice, which would be a good way to play around with the portal. As a reminder, the rule of practice have been updated to require attorneys to use file and serve. It can be you or someone in your office or yourself. Starting July 22, 2024 you may NOT file anything in paper with the clerk’s office, save for certain exceptions such as an emergency custody order.

Portal training is all via WebEx whereas File and Serve training is available in person and via WebEx. You will see trainings for civil bar, criminal bar, civil external partners, criminal external partners, and hospital filers. Hospital filers are predominately for involuntary commitments. The vast majority of attorneys will register for civil or criminal bar; GALs, ADAs, and APDs have their own specific trainings. Civil external partners include GAL Volunteers, DSS, and DV Victim Services (e.g. Helpmate). Criminal external partners include Probation and Parole, DJJ, and Pretrial. All training dates can be found in the above link. For file and serve training, you must first select your training type, then the month you want to train.

If you have questions, concerns, issues to discuss, please bring those to the attention of the liaison from your practice area. I will be having regular meetings with the liaisons to discuss your questions and pass along what information I know to this point. The attorney liaisons are Steve Allinger (child support), Suzanne Avett (DSS), Andy Banzhoff (criminal defense), James Ellis (estates), Jason Gast (parent representation and SP GAL), James Kilbourne (civil), Jackson Pitts (GAL), and Madison Root (family).

Due to the number of meetings required for eCourts trainsitions, I am unable to continue my consistent drop-in hours. However, I will always remain available to the bar and the public. If you would like to set up a time to meet, please email me at or call/text me at 828-575-7622.


Catch up with you next week!

–             Jean Marie Christy, Clerk of Superior Court