Call 4 All 2019 Photos

From your 2019 4 ALL Site chairs Angie Dorsey and John Noor:  Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who showed up to answer the deluge of calls at WLOS from 7 AM to 7 PM on Friday, March 1, the 12th Annual 4ALL statewide day of service.  Our 42 volunteers answered 1,078 calls from the public.  Special thanks to Judge Susan Dotson-Smith and NCBA President Jacqueline Grant for showing up in the wee hours of the morning to promote the event on the early news broadcast so that our volunteer attorneys stayed busy fielding calls the entire day.

Listed by AM to PM shifts:  Victoria Bender, William Christy, Pete Henry, Julia Horrocks, Zac Lamb, Tod Leaven, Denise Lockett, Bill Whalen, William Fay, Jason Gast, Natalie, Gray, Margie Huggins, Brian Lawler, Mark Melrose, Ben Pitts, Jack Poisson, Bonnie Refinski-Knight, Ben Scales, Elizabeth Dechant, Mary Hervig, Daniel Harvig, Kenny Hunt, Kathryn Madison, Peter McGuire, Adrienne Roberson, Marc Rudow, Susan Russo Klein, Ashley Saville-Amtower, Carter Webb, Nicole Engel, Cynthia Alleman, Rebecca Darchuk, Johanna Finkelstein, Meredith Gregory, Sheila Lambert, Gabrielle Paschall Trott, Judy Rudolph, and Heidi Stewart.