Dana LeJune


Contingent fee plaintiffs’ lawyer for personal injury, employment discrimination, consumer protection, and copyright infringement.

Member Bar Number: 49025

Practice Areas

Civil Litigation, Consumer Law, Contract Law, Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law, Malpractice Law, Personal Injury

States Licensed


Board-Certified, Civil Trial Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Admitted to practice in the following federal districts:_x000D_
US Supreme Court    Supreme    9/2/1988_x000D_
US    5th Circuit COA    7/17/1987_x000D_
US    7th Circuit COA    1/12/17_x000D_
US    4th Circuit COA    2/14/2020_x000D_
Arkansas    Eastern    6/5/2008_x000D_
Arkansas    Western    6/5/2008_x000D_
Colorado    US District    12/31/2001_x000D_
Illinois    Central    3/21/2016_x000D_
Indiana    Northern (Ft. Wayne)    2/2/2006_x000D_
Michigan    Eastern    3/22/2013_x000D_
Michigan    Western    2/5/2009_x000D_
Nebraska    Omaha    2/12/2008_x000D_
North Carolina-    Eastern    6/24/16_x000D_
Ohio    Northern    5/12/2014_x000D_
Ohio    Southern    2/11/17_x000D_
Tennessee    Western    1/29/2009_x000D_
Tennessee    Middle_x000D_
Texas    Eastern    1/13/1984_x000D_
Texas    Northern    10/11/1991_x000D_
Texas    Southern    10/3/1983_x000D_
Texas    Supreme    5/13/1983_x000D_
Texas    Western    4/20/11_x000D_
Wisconsin    Eastern    5/28/2004_x000D_
Wisconsin    Western    7/7/2008


Contact Information

LeJune Law | Email: dlejune@triallawyers.net   | Phone: 828-774-5800