Mr. Todd McKinnon Williams


Todd Williams is a North Carolina native. He attended UNC-Chapel Hill, graduating in 1992 with a BA in English. While attending Northeastern University Law School, an internship in the law firm of a renowned civil rights attorney turned Todd toward criminal justice law. Todd worked for nearly 15 years as a public defender and as a capital defender. By 2014, the integrity of the Buncombe County justice system was at an ebb and Todd ran for DA to restore it. Todd defeated a 24-year incumbent and took office as Buncombe County DA on January 1, 2015.  As DA, Todd resolved heinous crimes while concurrently working to reverse questionable past convictions and to remove two men from NC’s death row. Todd helped create wraparound services for victims through the Child Advocacy and Family Justice Centers, add services for offenders through the Justice Resource Center, the Adult Drug, and Juvenile Misdemeanor Diversion Programs, Veterans’ Treatment Court, and offered expungement clinics and amnesty days, all focused on offering pathways for non-violent offenders to achieve employability and recovery without the stigma of a conviction. Todd is a NC State Bar Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Law. He lives in Asheville with his family.

Member Bar Number: 29515

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Criminal Law

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Board Certified Specialist in NC State Criminal Law


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