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Forrest Merithew is the founder and principal of Conatus Counsel. He is an avid outdoors-person with great interest in his Clients and their passion and social impact endeavors. He has a competitive background as a litigator and business attorney, and believes in a myriad of potential solutions and strategies. Forrest has lived and practiced around the country (holding California, Colorado, and North Carolina bar licenses) and applies that diversity of experiences and knowledge to Conatus Counsel. Forrest focuses on working with brands, businesses and entrepreneurs that have a passion for what they do. He applies his multitude of experiences for greater efficiency, cost savings, and results.

Through his work with Conatus Counsel (previously Merithew Law), Forrest has represented a range of businesses as general and retained counsel, from startups to established national and international companies, including, but not limited to, recreation, sport, gear, and lifestyle, food and beverage, manufacturing and product, clothing and apparel, breweries and restaurants, startups and tech endeavors, and other services and product companies and brands. Forrest appreciates helping others make their goals and dreams come to fruition while protecting them and their families through upfront legal counseling, risk management, and market strategies.

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