“Ultimate Truth,” Legal Thriller Published by Attorney Mike Wimer

Attorney Mike Wimer has published his third legal thriller. The Ultimate series follows the clandestine trials of Raleigh Westlake, a fictional judge in Asheville, who uses a mobile courtroom and macabre sentences to secure justice for innocent victims.

In the final book in the series—Ultimate Truth—Judge Westlake pursues a terrorist who has bombed a sports arena in Charlotte and framed an innocent man for the crime. The terrorist is a Russian spy and a reconstructive surgeon who is carrying out plans to release a lethal virus. As Westlake closes in and prepares to put the terrorist on trial in secret, the Judge is forced to face his own demons and walk the fine line between truth and moral justice.

To find out more about the books, written under the pen name Michael Winstead, click here.

New Book from Bar Member Mike Wimer

Attorney Mike Wimer of Asheville Legal, writing as Michael Winstead, recently released his second book in the Ultimate series. Following up on the success of Ultimate Verdict, the new book tracks Judge Raleigh Westlake and his cabal of vigilantes as they fight for justice outside the court system.

Here is a quick overview of the book:

A Judge holds secret trials in a mobile courtroom. A prosecutor is blinded by revenge. A Russian spy embedded in America weaves a web of deception and carries out acts of terrorism. In this second installment in the Ultimate series, the secret tribunal, led by Judge Raleigh Westlake, must confront enemies from within. Their quest for justice for innocent victims leads them straight into the path of a Russian terrorist. As they become the targets, the cabal must confront their most difficult dilemma. Do they save themselves, or an innocent man?”

Ultimate Deception is now available in both paperback and Kindle version on Amazon. Click here for more information. To catch up on the first book in the series, Ultimate Verdict, you can find it here.