Attention Fly Fisherman!

Here’s a new twist not often (ever ?) seen in Bar Classified listings. If you like to fly fish, keep on reading.
I have managed to buy a great number ( actually too many if that’s possible ) of new, unused wet and dry flies tied by a top of the line expert who recently passed away. He lived in Western N.C and was a long time member of Trout Unlimited. The quality and material he used in his flies are of the highest standards.
I have most every kind of fly you would need ( i.e. Caddis,Parachute Adams, Yellow Palmers, Bead Heads, Cahills, Worms, Gnats, Ants, Stimulaters,Nymphs, and dozens of others) for N.C., Tennessee, and Virginia waters at only at only TEN BUCKS A DOZEN ( hard to beat this deal, do the math )
If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, gifts for friends, relatives or associates, look no further.
As long as you don’t get hung up or caught in the trees, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Please email me or give me a call. Paul Rifkin.
P.s. You have to admit this ad was a whole lot more interesting than looking for a paralegal, or buying filing cabinet.