ABA LEAD LAW Conference

The ABA Law Practice Division, in conjunction with the National Conference of Bar Presidents, is offering a new and unique experience for lawyers.

The event, ABA LEAD LAW, is built on a belief that leadership is the foundation in every role a lawyer serves in professional life. Developing the capacity to lead your firm, as well as developing the leaders around you, involves a combination of skill, insight, discipline and courage. However, the proficiency to inspire yourself and others to a sense of purpose, vision and direction, is paramount to succeed in today’s climate.

On Friday, October 23rd, from 9:30am to 5:00pm in Greenville, South Carolina, we are gathering an on-location audience of 450 legal professionals, at the Peace Center for Performing Arts, for a leader development experience designed specifically to equip lawyers with new perspectives and practical tools in the area of lawyer leadership. We are then offering the entire day as a collaborative opportunity by broadcasting the complete training experience, LIVE via Simulcast, to licensed participating sites who will represent an audience of 100,000+, across the world.

The conference experience will be produced and captured in High Definition, with a 4 camera shoot, and simulcast, by protected Internet stream to state & local bar associations, law firms, law schools and other public hosts. These sites will project the HD broadcast onto jumbo screens in rich 1080p clarity at their location for local participants to attend, or feed it through flat screen TVs in their conference rooms, to train their staff and team.

Though CLE credit is planned for ABA LEAD LAW, it is certainly not your typical CLE. This high energy exciting day will be focused on developing core lawyer leader skills, believing that these principles will take root and a lawyer leader worth following will result.

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