A Few Antidotes to Holiday Stress from the Wellness Committee

Need inspiration to address your holiday stress? Here are a few tips from the Wellness Committee:

1.  Get outside and walk in our beautiful mountain area.  If possible, walk with a friend or colleague. Especially during the work day, even a ten minute walk outdoors can make a big difference.  If possible, once each hour— or several times each day —take a ten minute break to walk outdoors. Even if it’s rainy or cold, just dress for the weather and go. If walking is not for you, do the exercise you enjoy.
2.  Eat nutritiously, get enough rest, and socialize with others you enjoy. Avoid being too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired—HALT.  If any of the HALT conditions appear, then “halt” and take steps to remedy them.
3.  If spiritual or religious practices are part of your daily routine, stick to them —and consider doing more during the holiday season.  Write daily in a journal.  Each day, make a list of what you are grateful for. Take really good care of yourself and think of how you can give to others—then give.

For more ideas on combatting stress, go to the Wellness Committee page on our website.