4ALL Statewide Service Day – March 5th

The 2021 4ALL (Virtual) Statewide Service Day is a pro bono program of the North Carolina Bar Foundation, held in conjunction with the North Carolina Bar Association. On March 5, 2021, North Carolina lawyers will join forces to provide provide free legal answers, information and resources to callers seeking information regarding North Carolina-related legal matters. Volunteers will participate virtually, from their homes or offices. The 2021 4ALL (Virtual) event will run through a phone service called Telzio that can be accessed by website (recommended) or mobile app. Volunteers will take calls related to their designated areas of practice, which will be noted in the volunteer registration process. Note that volunteers can serve for more than 1 shift, but need only register for the earliest shift they are willing to serve.

Click here to sign up.

NOTE: The greatest need is for volunteers for the 5-7pm shifts. Thank you!